Web design change trend in 2015

Web design change trend in 2015

Internet technology increases as fast as web design technique will change in 2015. Kesato will write some design trend change for you, what we believe will be mainstream of web design world this year.

Big background images

Many background images will become more ‘big size’ with parallax effect. People are obviously more interested in high clear background image when they access websites. This trend started with big brand like Apple and Google nexus.

Design based on card size

Because now web is accessed by many devices with different size, content needs to include adaptive design which can allow to develop and display correctly in many devices. Companies like Google took this smart step.

Digital brand

Internet growth creates digital opportunity at first line. Consumer will recognize digital brand first, and we predict companies will tend to have more digitalized approaches, leaving its traditional techniques.

More Product / Service Data Opened

In 2015 Customer behavior will change, Customers want more trusted brand. Consequently, many company change their marketing approach, with more relevant content about their products / services for example. This step gets positive results, increasing customer awareness on products.

Responsive design

Our advice is to increasing customer experience in your web with responsive and optimized design. People tends to spend more time on websites, exploring company products / services because the website is responsive.

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