SEO Trends Outlook 2015

SEO Trends Outlook 2015

SEO industry in 2014, have many changes since 2011 done earlier, and coming year 2015 we will see more change how doing SEO, many factors affect that, like google penguin and panda algorithm, make some way didn’t effective again. But SEO isn’t dead, only find a new better way to do. This is predicted of SEO in 2015.

1. Focus on technical element and content marketing will increase page ranks
In 2015 SEO will more be seen as an online marketing component, and content marketing will boost page search rank, SEO focus dealing with keyword, meta tag, indexing and recover from algorithm filtering. At the same time content will be a main factor of search visibility. A good SEO strategy without a content plan will fail. Creation and distribution of high quality content needed for search engine visibility.

SEO Trends Outlook 2015

2. A site must compatible with Mobile device
At past year mobile device increase quickly, google sees this importance of mobile usability. We ever see google test mobile capability in the search result, so webmasters can see their web performance in mobile. Now google gives a penalty to a site where gets an error for mobile users. Mobile users have different habits than desktop users like voice search and looking quick information, if fail to tailor a website with mobile site needed it will significantly drop site rank


3. The brand mention and curtain will more powerful like a link
Now google able to differentiating “Real link “ and “implicit link”. Traditional link gives direct lead to web sites, such as or anything link leading back to the web site, Because misuse and abuse of backlink, now google algorithm also looking for brand mentioning although this didn’t have a direct link to the website.

SEO Trends Outlook 2015


4. Google+ failure
For some year google push usage of google plus, to increase more rank, but google plus presence did not get significant social media user response. Google plus creation failure makes google search more social media signal from Facebook , twitter, etc.


5. Search ranking is more on relationship development than technical
Creating content and optimize technical component isn’t enough for SEO goal. Digital marketing must realize, they must humanize their brand. Relation strategy will add power to increase page rank, such as social media campaign, blog campaign and relation with brand support


6. Negative SEO will increase
If past time many webmasters doing negative SEO to increase their web rank. With new google algorithm, be careful your competitor now using negative way such as spamming to decrease your web rank, this will be a bad effect to your rank and brand


7. SEO will more integrated with the Marketing department
Traditionally many companies have an independent SEO department or hire an SEO consultant. However SEO department and marketing departments have the same goal. SEO will begin integrating with more aspect of marketing, both ways online and offline

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