Influence of Social Media for SEO

Influence of Social Media for SEO

Social media change our way to do SEO. Usability of links aren’t too recommended choice for search engine machine AI (artificial Intelligent) . For make alternate back link we can use social media. Social Media beat links, for give seo power. The social media channel to boost viral marketing. Many Different way at SEO to adjust and increase, Social media just one of them, but give more power.


SEO Ranking Factors in 1999

SEO ranking factor in 1999

Source: Social Media Changed SEO

Don’t Look history of search engine, At the past time link is not a big factor to search engine algorithm. Like google this is only one factor which helps them build search engine algorithm. And then public just interested make a link to valuable website.

SEO Rankings Factors in 2014

SEO ranking factor in 2014

Source: Social Media Changed SEO

Although social media just one of many SEO tools, it becomes main tools. Another thing will help also but not much, search engine algorithm automatically indexing web content. This is becoming a high demand for search engine to deliver more valuable list

Social media is key SEO factor doesn’t need to ask anymore. Social share delivers content to link and channel anywhere in the world, as quickly as people like that content.

Social Link Can help SEO Effectivity

SEO - Social Media

Forecast for next 15 years SEO stay exist. Good SEO need build links to get good rank at search engine, for today, Social media will boost SEO for near reason.

it’s difficult to get at number one search engine rank without both Social Media with SEO. So the answer to the question, “Can SEO work without Social Media?” is no. without social media, SEO work will become ineffective.

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