Developing Content Strategy

Developing Content Strategy

Now many companies make digital content in their product, with high valuable and powerful content, product image can increase sales. Here are some tips for planning content strategy.

A. Recognize objective and develop planning how rich that identify objectives, engagement and network then shape that strategy to reach the objective. SMART goals are some criteria : Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based.

Developing Content Strategy


B. Identify customer needed
For the first time, identify your customer segment and what they want. Separate them from the audience and buyer. Get information for research and social network data, like behaviour, demographic, psychological and economic data. If you can understand your customer you can deliver interesting product.


C. Competition research
Look your existing data and then your competitor data, compare that. Uncover your obstacles by learning what your competitor does, other opportunities and negative campaign you may get.


D. Decide effective content media
Sometimes content be misrepresented, to avoid that we must make significant step. Proper grammar and effective need to be used in content creation. The clear objective of the product must write in the content. You choose media, it such as : website, social media, television, video, images. Different media produce different effects, depend on customer segment.

Developing Content Strategy


E. Take right place to involve
Understanding audience like your content and where they accept your content. Some test and survey at different channel will provide valuable information like what your customer chase and what make them loyal to your brand.


F. Good Timing for Deliver content
Make a routine schedule to deliver your content effectively, such as newsletter calendar. That will help you focus on consistency, accountability.

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