7 Easy Web Design Tips

In the times, web technology is growing in accordance with the trend, market demand and fashion. When that time comes, how do you make your website better and more professional than others.

Planning a website design is something that is interesting and challenging. You should be able to meet the expectations of many stakeholders.

mobile friendly

Mobile technology

Current mobile technology has changed the world. Almost more than 50% of Internet users switch to using mobile devices. Is a wise thing to consider adaptability your web to mobile devices such as tablet, iPad, smart phones and may smart watch which recently launched. So the importance of the application of this case, to make Google the largest search engine friendly mobile as one factor in search engine rankings.

Clean design

We often see, many websites filled with ads, pop ups or coercion to download certain programs. In addition to making access becomes severe, it also makes the user to quickly go out of your site. And try to clean from things that are less tidy as improper layout.

Easy Read Text

Text is an important factor in your design, because it is a medium of information between you and the user. Choose the type of font that is easy to read and does not confuse the reader. Make sure the right color choice, the wrong colors can cause eye pain in people who read it. small text size may save the page, but it will be difficult for the user to read, consider using the right size in your design.

Page Speed

This is a major factor for the user, the slow loading web will make the user to quickly switch to a competitor’s website. Although now speed internet connection accelerated, but this does not guarantee the speed of the website are also increasing rapidly. Use pictures or video that has a size that is easy to load.

7 Easy Web Design Tips

Good Navigation

Good navigation is not less important, because user interaction starts from here. Place the navigation key buttons with clear, easily understandable and responsive. Button that easily allows users to navigate web pages and find what they are looking for. Set the navigation flow directly and not rotating swivel.

Spelling and Grammar

Some people have no tolerance in matters of grammar and spelling. They can be very annoying to send hundreds of emails complaining about the error. further, check grammar and spelling in the article and in the structure of the web to make your site more qualified

Broken Links

Avoid Broken links, this being an indication of whether this website is maintained by professional or not. This became a bad experience for the user when they collided step in a stalemate. Re-check every link on the website, and make sure none of the dead links

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55 thoughts on “7 Easy Web Design Tips

  1. I would like to add one more thing in these things which is the quality content. The content on the website should be relevant and informative for the user. Besides this all the tips are very nice these things are ust for any website.

  2. Content is so important to websites its unreal, especially if you want to perform SEO on the website. Having 800 – 1500 words of content on the homepage is a best practice for having a functional and optimised website for ranking and pulling in traffic. Not to mention having a blog is very very useful for SEO and getting your website notices. These should be incorporated in the build.

  3. It today’s internet world, you have to have your website mobile friendly. I am a big fan of a simple clean looking website. If it is easy to read and understand without too much information right away, you are likely to get more people to stay.

  4. I really like how you said that, “Text is an important factor in your design, because it is a medium of information between you and the user.” I agree that content is super important in order for you clients to easily follow your website. My dad asked me to help him make a website for a small business he has and I don’t know much about it. How much does it cost to have a developer do it instead?

    1. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Web design performs an important part in advertising and enhancing the customer base for every business. Responsive websites can only survive in today’s competitive business world. Studies have shown that customers leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, being responsive to any device is very crucial for every website.

  6. Hey thank you so much for posting such a very important blog for us, its really very informative blog, and seems that you have made so much research for this blog.this blog will help me out in my aim, same thing work for our website of logo design

  7. clean code, optimize code, clean colors combination, easy navigation, are few more designing tips that help in good and clean design. your website designs are the reflection of your business. Great post. and thanks for everyone for putting there tips here specially content related. mobile app developer and designer also get help from this tutorial.

  8. Right now in current scenario page speed is the main factor to keep your website in Google SERP. You can see your page speed at Google Page insights for free. So that you can be able to detect your page speed and it’s lacking points. Thanks for sharing all these tips.

  9. I would like to add one more thing in these things which is the quality content. The content on the website should be relevant and informative for the user. Besides this all the tips are very nice these things are ust for any website.

  10. I’m so glad you mentioned page speed. I go to a lot of sites that are overloaded with videos and ads and they never seem to totally load. As a user, this makes me leave the page as quickly as possible. Good advice.

  11. We have perused a couple of the intriguing substance on your site now, and we truly like your style. You’re the best and please keep it up the compelling work.

  12. Great tips admin. These web designing tips are good enough to make a great user friendly website that can helps you to get more traffic and revenue. I also add 2 more tips.
    These are given below.
    1. Don’t add slideshow images
    2. Simple but best design.

  13. Two of out of the 7 easy web design tips are what got my attention. These are mobile technology and clean design. The reason is because it sounds true and is what my brother would always tell me when I asked him about doing a custom mobile website design.

  14. I appreciate how clear and concise your article is. To be honest, this is the type of thing that can confuse me really quickly. It is interesting how important website design is for companies today. However, it seems like a pretty big and complicated task for the people who have no experience with computers. Do you have any tips or advice about how to get professional help?

  15. Very informative tips indeed. The post is highly informative and web designing tips are really effective for beginners as well as the seniors of designing. I would like to add one more tip in this post that is: ‘Focus Only On Essential Elements’. This is One of my favorite aspects to deal with in regards to web design.

  16. Great post! Tips that you mentioned are no doubt very useful and worth considering. It is very true as said by you “Text is an important factor in your design, because it is a medium of information between you and the user.” The text should be of better quality. http://jrwebmd.com

  17. In the web design/digital experience development community, there has often been separation between the way a website looks and the way a website works.

    1. Thanks for sharing this useful information. All the tips are very helpful for effective web design and yep we all know optimized sites always get attention of google which may also help in good ranking in SEO point of view.

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