Smart Home System by Oomi

Smart Home System by Oomi

The development of the Internet era, many vendors have started offering their products smart home system. Smart Home system is an implementation of the Internet of thing, designed to control all home devices with a single control, regulate and provide notification if something happens. unfortunately many products are not as smart as expected. Such as dependence on Internet connections or they have not been able to take anticipatory action without human intervention. It is in view by oomi to develop a system that is more smart.

Smart Home System by Oomi

Oomi use oomi cube as smart home control center. This cube has a variety of features and is easily installed and adjusted. Sonsor planted in this device include light, vibration, noise, vibration, temperature, humidity and broken glass. Interestingly not just a control and censorship, cube is also equipped with an infrared camera

Oomi different from other products designed to not depend on an Internet connection and can decide everything by themselves according to the settings, even has its own touch screen remote control. Oomi Touch is a great platform remote control, all the controls in one board with the responsive capacitive display, you no longer need a lot of remote control for ac and tv as usual.

Easy to apply the settings to oomi smart home system. You just have to close the remote with the device in the desired, add new device and within seconds they can be used without the need for complicated things. User friendly interface also greatly assist the user in operating this system, even if you people do not know about the technical stuff.

Then how oomi system work? in essence, thanks to an infrared blaster which became the medium between the cube and the controlled device. while at the desired equipment installed additional equipment which must also products of oomi. Additional equipment has the ability to control the hardware on the device is installed as the temperature control on the air conditioner or on tv led. The backbone of this system is the z-wave technology at the cube in cooperation with other devices that have the ability z-wave.

Smart Home System by Oomi

Oomi sold per kit ranging from $ 289, pretty cheap for a smart home system than other products. Completeness of the kit will vary depending on the price, the more expensive the more complete is obtained. For more details please visit the official website Oomi.

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