GoPro’s New HERO4 Session

GoPro’s New HERO4 Session is a Cube – 50% Smaller & 40% Lighter

GoPro has just announced a new camera in the family, the smallest ever made. The new GoPro HERO4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the HERO4 Black and Silver, with a brand new cube design.
Here are some HERO 4 Session characteristics: 
• It can shoot at speeds up to 1044p 30fps & 1080p 60fps
• It shoots 8MP photos with a burst rate of 10fps
• Waterproof up to 10 meters
• Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios
• Time Lapse Photo Intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds
• Protune

GoPro’s New HERO4 Session

The HERO4 Session is waterproof in itself up to 10m, meaning you won’t probably need a separate housing.
It features a built-in battery allowing the camera to shoot for less than two hours on a single charge. This is actually our biggest disappointment, it won’t be possible to bring extra batteries in case you want to record all day long, you will have to charge the battery after you run out of it.

GoPro’s New HERO4 Session

GoPro’s New HERO4 Session

The user interface is really simple: there’s one-button control for capturing photos and videos. A short press of the shutter button turns the camera on and starts the video recording. A long press powers the camera on and starts Time-Lapse photo capture. Pressing the shutter a second time stops the video or photo sequence and powers the camera off.

If you’re using specific mounts like the surfing mouth mount, with which we had to set up the orientation down – there is now an auto image rotation feature. The camera will detect the orientation and change it by itself.

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