What's up in Asia #7

Social Commerce is on the Way

This is what happens when social media meets shopping. The term “social commerce” is often used to describe new online retail models or marketing strategies that incorporate established social networks.


What's-up-in-asia-01-1Pinterest is Now More Marketing-friendly

Everybody knows data is power especially for social marketers. With this new tools, we can make more effective and powerful ads since we are enable to reach consumers who have visited their site on Pinterest now.
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What's-up-in-asia-02-1Build a Better Mobile Ads with Facebook

Facebook in collaboration with Instagram has revealed an online Creative Hub. This platform is made with hope it will educate creatives within agencies on how to get the most of the suite of ad format.
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What's-up-in-asia-03-1Goxip: Snap, Shot and Wear

Goxip, a Hong Kong-based fashion discovery app, just made a kind of approach that customers dream of. Just simply snap and shot the picture then you can buy the clothes you want to wear.
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What's-up-in-asia-04-1Sagoon: Connect, Share and Earn

Sagoon is a social e-commerce platform which helps people to connect with like-minded people, share ideas and earn some money. This platform is a perfect fit for the users who spend a lot of time online.
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Eugenia Nathasia

A social media analyst at Kesato & Co. She is also a writer. She enjoys reading and watching movies.

4 thoughts on “Social Commerce is on the Way

  1. I think the for me the best marketing social platform has to be Facebook. There is another social platform that we can target for professional needs is Linkdin.

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