What's up in Asia #3

Help the Company

When you’re building a startup, there are many things that may become your inescapable obstacles. This week, we talk about how to help your company scale.


whats up in asia-02Ghost Buttons in UX Design

One of the dominant trend in UI design world is ghost button, the transparent and empty buttons that usually have a basic shape form, which most often appear as Call to Action buttons and offer a clean look.
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whats up in asia-03Go Beyond Analytics to Understand Why, Not Only What

Our challenge in this UX website era is how to get into our users’ heads to know why and what is going on with the website. There is no other thing that we can than doing the user testing to get that kind of information. But there is another simpler way to do user testing these days.
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whats up in asia-05Meet These 5 Startups that Can Help Your Company Scale

Having an incredible idea alone won’t get you any far if you don’t have any fund to make it happen. The same case goes on when you have a great product or service but you don’t know to sell it. These startups that can help your company scale with cost-effective solutions.
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whats up in asia-047 Snapchat Accounts Every Aspiring Founder Should Follow

To be connected with the successful entrepreneurs these days are getting easier. With snapchat, these 7 aspiring founders regularly engage in Q&A sessions and take you through the trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur.
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