Pre-Press & Printing

Pre-Press & Printing effects your design result

It is important to have the final artwork preparation including the appropriate digital files, output elements & preparation final project briefing. An example here will be shown how the file is inpositioning for the papers to be folded 3 times and finally turned into 8 to understand the process of creating the binding. Afterwards, about the technique in making the booklets in brief is to bind it with a saddle-stitch technique, and importantly we should know the difference between file preparation using saddle-stitch and ordinary stitch binding.

A Further details of what to do for ready print file on pre- press and printing are the the spot colors, 2 finishing treatments such as foiling, UV, and 2 pantone color and also how to submit the Adobe Illustrator files like compressing it into zip.

Pre-Press & Printing

Pre-Press & Printing

Pre-Press & Printing

Pre-Press & Printing

Introducing the Crop Mark, Bleed, Inposition, finishing layer

Learn the preprress and the technique before submitting the ready print document. Learning on basic screen, digital until common printing in the world of industry. Find out an example of flexible packaging and digital printing on the paper, crucial aspect in offset printing.

The most importantly people should know about the marks for the use of crop mark and bleed area for positioning not forgetting the layering.

Paper Characteristic

Paper is one aspect that would contribute point in the design quality. As we all know that paper is way of supporting the concept for designer by the touch its sense of touch.

Learning on type paper such as coated, recycled, exceedo, fine, unbleached kraft paperboard, uncoated and yupo synthetic paper until the fancy paper that got lots of type. As a designer we need to know this because the effect of color printed in each type of paper would result differently.

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