Doing Internship with Kesato.

Doing Internship in another Country

His name is Julian Rohi. He came from Holland and become part of us for 5 months in our internship program. His job was a front-end web developer of Kesato Studio’s website but also in charge for its web design.

Manage to Wake Up Early

He told us the first challenge that he face was how to wake up early 5 times a week. It was hard for him to wake up almost every day at 06:30 AM because the distance between his rent room and the office is far enough. But after passed his first month, he was able to manage it.

Young People Around

After did 2 internships, Kesato as his third internship experience gave him new flavor. Kesato’s team was built from young people from various backgrounds. What Julian likes the most about this team was one of the culture here, open for feedback. If someone came up with something, everyone will listen to his/her idea. And also, the most important thing was the team was not serious all the time. So, he has fun at what he did.

Doing Internship in another Country

Julian just came back to Holland from his vacation at Bali and got an idea to do his internship at Bali. He searched web design companies in Bali through internet and then sent a lot of applications. Kesato replied. Then after he sent his portfolio, CV and did an interview, finally he started his internship on September 2015.  Julian recommended to do internship in another country to get interesting and challenging experience.


So, if you’re looking for fun internship experience surrounded with young people, you can join with us by send an email of your portfolio and CV to [email protected] with subject “Application for Internship”.


Photos of Julian Rohi
Julian Rohi
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