Xiaomi Yi Action Camera GoPro

$64 Yi Action Camera is scaring GoPro

$64, unbelievable no? Xiaomi smart phone producer just launched its $64 Yi Action Camera to rival the GoPro Hero. Unfortunately for now, this camera is not available outside China but we hope to see this product crossing borders.

The Camera is powered by 16 Mega pixel camera, which allow to shoot full HD videos in 1080p / 60 fps, better than the GoPro Hero that can only shoot in 1080p / 30 fps and in 720p / 60fps. Xiaomi Action Camera also use a Sony camera sensor, The Exmor R CMOS and provide 64 GB  built-in storage. Yi camera have the ability to operate 40 meters underwater and remote controlled with smart phone, like the GoPro

You can attach Yi to many varieties object such as pet, car, bike and helmet, so you can use it with many activities for traveling, outdoor, hiking etc. The camera is currently sold in 2 colors, White or Green, and for 100 CNY more, you get a selfie stick.

Yi and GoPro Hero have near the same specifications, but in a few points Yi offers more advantage. We can’t wait to get reviews from this promising camera and to test it!

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera GoPro

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera GoPro

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera GoPro

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera GoPro

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13 thoughts on “$64 Yi Action Camera is scaring GoPro

  1. GoPro was the 1st large company w/active cameras. Yi Action looks a little “toyish” where GoPro is on par w/current cell phone & computer technology. I’m sure GoPro is waiting for the perfect timing to STOMP OUT these itzy bitzy competitors, however, if GoPro does not adapt, they will eventually be inquired by a larger firm w/better direction. W/that said, I still have faith in the new GoPro upper management -Homanator

    1. For sure the Yi camera looks a little ‘toyish’ – and with such a low price it might seems to good to be true. We can’t wait to test it to figure out if it will be a real threat for GoPro or not!

      1. These cameras and others are already in wide circulation in asia … costing 2000 Thai baht, or around $60 US they’re excellent.

  2. One huge plus is that it’s cheaper, so you’d be more willing to take greater risks with it than a very expensive GoPro. Think I might get one.

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