Month after month, our phone become obsolete due to the newest device on the market. Phoneblocks want to change it with its creative idea. The phoneblocks will be composed of detachable blocks which attach a pegboard-like base that holds and connects the device. The screen is detachable too. Thus, everybody could change his phone according to his usefulness. With a simple design, this new concept will revolutionize the market phone.

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The Apple iWatch is a rumored smartwatch project that operates as a small “wearable computing” smartphone-type device. Like all the Apple’s products, rumors are still extremely speculative. It’s the strategy communication of Apple. The iWatch’s design is expected to be a wristwatch made of curved glass. Everybody is waiting the iWatch, we will know soon if the Apple will respect its quality and creativity.
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The Coolest

The coolest is a new product created by Ryan Grepper. He did a crowd funding on and he had a succeed to make a real buzz. The project is a mobile cooler that mixes fruit, which makes music and lots of other accessories. It is a really funny innovation. Indeed, on the site of crowdfunding, the creator asked the sum of $ 50,000 to support in the realization of his project. Donators really appreciated the concept and they were 45.559 for nearly $ 9 million for coolest.​

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