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ROI of Adneo campaigns,

against 102% before intervention


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Cabaïa multiplied its turnover by 10

in December 2018 compared to December 2017


"C'est le Pompom"

Launched in 2015, Cabaïa's mission is to "put the good humour back into accessories and into people's lives". All the brand's products have a particular practical functionality, such as their hat with interchangeable pompoms or their socks that can be hung together with a simple button on one of them.

They successfully launched the first hat bar in December 2015 in Vélizy shopping centre.

Today, the brand works with several influencers including Cyril Hanouna and Emma Cake Cup.

Their objective

Stabilize and scale their revenues
on Facebok Ads.

Their problem

Costs that are drastically increasing
and content that is not performing well

1 - 75% of unprofitable ads with a very low ROAS (Return on Ads Spend).

2 - Content that does not seem to be appropriate and in contradiction with the excellent signals at the brand's points of sale.

Our strategy

Content repositioning and advertising
aggressive scale

For privacy reasons towards its clients and to protect its know-how, Kesato x Adneo never communicates on the amounts realized and on the details of its intervention. This last point is the result of several thousand hours of training and millions of euros spent.

Step 1

Advertising account's audit

"A problem without a solution is a badly posed problem" (A. Einstein). This quote perfectly summarizes Kesato x Adneo's work on identifying the problem faced by Cabaïa. After a day of study of their account, several very clear things came out.

Indeed, their advertising content consisted only of photos or gif (the least engaging format today), the products were not visible enough on the ads, their only selling proposal was completely absent both on the content and the website and their audiences poorly defined.

These are key reasons that have led the brand to have very low ROAS and, consequently, a deficit balance.

Kesato x Adneo
Kesato x Adneo

Step 2

Content redesign

The conclusion of the previous step was clear, the content and positioning of the brand had to change. The brand was very successful in its corners in shopping malls, so there was no reason why it should not find one on social networks. Kesato x Adneo took over all the brand's key selling points and finally proposed a new video format called "infomercials". In these videos, the key product characteristics were clearly visible, images focused on the product and with a playful tone that corresponds to that of the brand.

4 different videos were launched simultaneously. Facebook giving them a Relevance score of 10 after 48 hours.

Relevance score : 10/10

Step 3


After selecting the most effective videos, Kesato x Adneo's challenge was to push Cabaïa's content to as many people as possible while maintaining a stable acquisition, a recurring problem that every advertiser faces on the platform. This part is Kesato x Adneo's biggest specialty (see Case Study "Launchpad") because unlike other agencies Kesato x Adneo manages its own 400 e-shops on a daily basis.

Our process is now 75% automated on the expenditure of the advertising budgets we manage, which allows us to have performances well beyond our competition, both on tests and scaling steps.

These results, totally new on Facebook, give us privileged access within Facebook Ads and allow us to have a preview of the latest features of the platform.

Cabaïa is now preparing its international launch. An important step in which Kesato x Adneo will help them to conquer other markets.

Kesato x Adneo

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Turnover achieved by Cabaïa

in December 2018 compared to December 2017

Kesato x Adneo

Customer Testimonial

"Kesato x Adneo has completely changed the way we approach the content of our ads and has fully contributed to making the brand more visible and very largely profitable."

Emilien.F / Co-Founder of Cabaïa