No. 1 sports prognosticist in France

Number of followers acquired in 3 months

Goes from 100k to 220k


Increase in income

per month


Lower acquisition cost

compared to influencers

Their history

Rocket league

Launched in 2016, Alexbettinguk is the number one sports predictor in France. Operating only on Snapchat, the company has succeeded in consolidating a highly committed community of about 100,000 people in just a few months. Their business model is based on the sale of subscriptions on their website, which give access to all Alexbettinguk's sports forecasts. Today, the company has more than 10,000 recurring customers.

Forerunners, their notoriety has been partly built thanks to several sponsorships together with influencers such as Ibra TV, Vargasss92 or L'acrobate. They are now in the Top 3 of Unibet's affiliates, Winamax and Parionssport.

Their goal

Ensure the sustainability of the acquisition
of qualified followers and generate more income.

Their problem

Acquisition on a single channel and rejected ads
on social networks

1 - A single acquisition channel (influencers), very expensive and without any certainty of performance. The result being a sawtooth growth (peaks of additions on Snapchat and purchases of subscriptions over 24 hours then flat calm).

2 - An impossibility to produce ads accepted on social networks. The latter being reserved only for a handful of regular actors by ARJEL.

Our strategy

Impactful ads that respect Facebook's rules
and activate the right audiences.

For the sake of confidentiality towards its customers and to protect its know-how, Kesato x Adneo never communicates on the amounts realized by its keys or on the details of its intervention. This last point is the result of several thousand hours of training and millions of euros spent.

Step 1

Identification of the problem

Kesato x Adneo's approach was to identify as quickly as possible the causes of past failures in the publication of Alexbettinguk's advertising content.

A very powerful and simple concept to video concept (on the smartphone) has been designed in order to test different hypotheses. This first content was declined in 10 different versions which had, between them, only one variation (ex: wording).

24 hours after the launch of the ads, the problem was identified and this first test allowed the agency to establish the basis of the brand's Video Working Framework. The latter being composed of all Dos & Don'ts. It is now updated and perfected after each of the weekly tests carried out.

Kesato x Adneo
Kesato x Adneo

Step 2

Declination of content

Using the Framework established in Step 1, the agency then implemented 5 new video concepts that kept the best wording from the previous phase. Again, only one variable in the test equation. The objective of this step is to obtain the best possible Relevance Score (quality score assigned by Facebook) and the lowest possible Cost Per Click.

After 48 hours, 75% of the videos produced obtained a Relevance Score of 9/10. Among them, 2 contents were selected for their performance.

Relevance score : 9/10

Step 3


After selecting the most effective videos, Kesato Adeno's challenge was to push Alexbettinguk's content to as many people as possible while maintaining stable Cost Per Clcik, a recurring problem that every advertiser on the platform faces. This part is Adneo's main speciality see (Case Study "Launchpad") because, unlike other agencies, Kesato x Adneo manages its own 400 e-shops on a daily basis.

Our process is now 75% automated on the spending of the advertising budgets we manage, which allows us to have performances well beyond our competition, both on tests and scaling steps.

These results, totally unpublished on Facebook, give us privileged access to Facebook Ads Dubai and allow us to have a preview of the latest features of the platform.

Facebook and Instagram have since become Alexbettinguk's first acquisition channels. The budget originally spent on influencers is now 70% redistributed for ads managed by our agency.

Kesato x Adneo

Our results


Number of followers acquired in 3 months

From 100k to 220k


Income increase

per month


Lower acquisition cost

compared to influencers